USAID Supports First Microfinance Conference in Southern Sudan…

Juba, Central Equatoria, July 21
The U.S. government, acting through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with the government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) and the Microfinance Association of Southern Sudan, will sponsor Southern Sudan’s first microfinance conference July 20-21, 2010 in Juba.

The Southern Sudan Microfinance Conference will [...]

A Microfinance Bubble? Private Equity Investment Suggests Otherwise…

Phil Maxson   July 21, 2010
We’re noticing resurgent chatter about a possible bubble in the microfinance sector with several recent pieces speculating that high default rates in Pakistan, Nicaragua, and Morocco – which have shaken up MFIs in those countries – are signs of a growing pandemic in the industry. In particular, this [...]

Attorney Duo Creates Microfinance Project to Aid Haitian Farmers…

Thomas Adcock
New York Law Journal     July 22, 2010
Ralph Delouis and R. Andrew Richards scarcely knew one another at the New York offices of McCarter & English before their June mission to Haiti, which had been ravaged by the aftermath of January’s earthquake. But what they had in common was [...]

Indonesia: Building the Nation One Loan at a Time…

Editorial, July 20, 2010
Indonesia has made strides in reducing poverty over the past few years on the back of strong economic growth. Millions of people have been lifted out of poverty, but many millions more still remain trapped.
One the biggest challenges facing the country, therefore, is to continue to chip away [...]

Indonesia: Building the Nation One Loan at a Time…

Editorial, July 20, 2010
Indonesia has made strides in reducing poverty over the past few years on the back of strong economic growth. Millions of people have been lifted out of poverty, but many millions more still remain trapped.
One the biggest challenges facing the country, therefore, is to continue to chip away [...]

NY Times: From Untouchable to Businesswoman…

Published: July 21, 2010
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CRISIL says it expects securitisation volumes in India to grow in FY11…

July 21, 2010 06:36 PM
The ratings agency said as economic recovery and retail lending gather momentum, it expect securitisation volumes in India to increase
Ratings agency CRISIL said it expects securitisation volumes in India will increase and new asset class like gold loans, microfinance loans and toll-road receivables would add to the [...]

Retail investors may get a discount while buying SKS Microfin’s shares…

Submitted by Jaideep Kumar on 2010, July 21 – 12:20
In its next initial public offering which is opening on twenty eighth of July for subscription SKS Microfinance may come up with an offer to sell its shares at a discount rate to retail investors
The company plans to raise a sum of [...]

India: Bullish on microfinance, McNally Bharat top infra pick: KN Rahaman, Way2Wealth…

21 Jul 2010, 1543 hrs IST,ET Bureau
ET Now spoke to KN Rahaman, Deputy Research Head, Way2Wealth, on his stock pick in the infra space and his view on earnings.
What did you make of some of the numbers that came out today? A lot of smaller ones came out, the likes of a [...]

MicroRate announces the release of new study…

Press Release: Microfinance investor demand rises in spite of financial crisis and decreased demands for funding

ARLINGTON, Virginia, 20 July 2010.  MicroRate published its State of Microfinance Investment: The 2010 MicroRate MIV Survey highlighting that interest in microfinance funds remains strong despite the recession.

Microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs) are [...]

The Seattle Times: Microfinance mission accomplished? Hardly, expert says…

Posted by Kristi Heim
The recent decision by its board to close Seattle nonprofit Unitus and shift its resources to “other strategic areas” prompted Adam Sorensen, a consultant working for the International Finance Corporation, to write a response questioning the actions. Here’s his personal perspective:
Unitus, the Seattle-based, non-profit microfinance organization [...]

Nigeria: The Sins of Microfinance Banks…

Jerry Uwah
19 July 2010
These are not the best of times for the nation’s embattled financial system. The capital market is yet to emerge from the abyss that unrestrained insider dealings and calamitous share price manipulations plunged it into.
Commercial banks are still waddling in the financial tsunami triggered by the infamous margin [...]

Financial Times: Microfinancing spreads beyond India’s grassroots…

Published: July 20 2010 17:46 | Last updated: July 20 2010 17:46
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Traditionally, poor Indians have relied on private money lenders – often charging interest rates of at least 36 per cent per year – when they have needed to fund school [...]

MFIs tap technology as the bridge to reach unbanked millions…

By Kevin Mwanza
Posted Tuesday, July 20 2010 at 00:00

Kenyan microfinance institutions have for a long time served the unbanked segments of the population despite several obstacles in their quest to access this niche.

It is estimated that micro-enterprises contribute about 18 per cent of Kenya’s gross domestic product and 25 per cent of non-agricultural GDP.

It is [...]

Pakistan requires human security, says Clinton unveiling $500 million aid…

By Nagesh Narayana | July 19, 2010 9:10 AM EDT
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Pakistan requires “human security” and not military aid, while announcing $500 million aid for new projects in Islamabad on Monday.
In her statement at the second US-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue, she said that there is a perception in Pakistan [...]

Rwanda, German Firms to Boost Savings…

Alex Ngarambe
18 July 2010
Kigali — The Association of Microfinance Institutions in Rwanda (AMIR) and the Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation of German are partnering to boost savings.
The three year savings mobilization campaign that will kick off in 2011, seeks to raise the level of financial education skills that has been [...]

Nigeria: Appropriate penalties will tighten loose ends in MFBs’ operation, CBN…

By Amaka Agwuegbo
The recent examination of microfinance banks (MFBs) by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) has revealed some irregularities and unethical practices in the MFB sub-sector.
It would be recalled that, following signs of distress in some MFBs and growing complaints of fraudulent practices leveled [...]

India’s poor need to join the banking mainstream: minister…

By Agence France-Presse, Updated: 7/19/2010
India’s poor masses need bank accounts and access to the financial system to help to sustain the country’s strong domestic economic growth, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said Monday.
He challenged banks and other businesses such as mobile phone companies to come up with innovative systems that would [...]

Sri Lanka: HNB Local Host Of Asia Micro Finance Forum…

The Asia Micro Finance Forum organised by the Banking With The Poor Network (BWTP) is currently the largest Asia based micro finance network, which has been in existence for over 15 years, with over 50 members located in 15 different countries in Asia. The BWTP network consists of a unique diversity [...]

Collegeville (PA) nonprofit introduces solar energy to Togo, West Africa…

Times Herald Staff (Pennsylvania)
In Togo, West Africa, not many people even know what solar energy is. A few weeks ago a Collegeville-based organization, backed by local workers, installed a solar electric system on the roof of a microcredit institution there.
That organization is called SunPower Afrique, a small nonprofit aiming [...]

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