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What Digital Development Future Do You Want to See in 2030?

What is the world you want to see in 2030? What do you want it to look like? I ask this question because I am concerned. I am worried. I am afraid. What will our future be when our brightest minds are focused on producing the Yo App.

Africans Should be Developing for Smartphones, Not USSD or Feature Phones

Recently, TechCrunch made the bold prediction that in five years’ time, most sub-Saharan Africans will have smartphones. At first I thought this just more mobile phone hyperbole.

Building mobile applications for social good

“If you were thinking of designing or building a website, you’d be in luck. If you were thinking of writing a suite of financial management tools, you’d be in luck. If you were even thinking of creating the next big video game, you’d be in luck. Visit any good bookstore and the selection of self-help books and “how-to” guides leave you spoilt for choice. 

Download the ICTworks Nokia App for Mobile Phones in the Ovi Store

Do you have a Nokia mobile phone? Want to keep up with ICTworks news and network activity? Then download the ICTworks Nokia app from the Nokia Ovi Store.

Before you think this was some technical feat, I used the handy Ovi App Wizard to create the ICTworks application in about 5 minutes. Its that simple.
The ICTworks app for Nokia mobile phones joins the ICtworks iPhone App we created in January.
The Hard Part: User Adoption

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