A Look at Spectrum in Four African Countries

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Does effective spectrum management make a real difference when it comes to more pervasive and affordable access to communication?

And the Most Popular Web Browser in Nigeria Is?

If you have the vision of Nigerians using old Internet Explorer browsers to view your precious web content, you are living in the past. TechLoy reports that Google’s web browser, Chrome overtook Internet Explorer for the first time in Nigeria in December 2012.

Why 2013 is a Great Year for Technology Development in Nigeria

Nigeria1It really makes sense when Peter Drucker-a business philosopher says the very best way to predict the future is to create it.

Why Senegal Internet Adoption Lags Behind Kenya, Nigeria, and Other African Nations

Looking across Africa, a discrepancy shows itself. Nigeria, with all its problems, has 30% of its population online. Kenya, once a tech backwater, has a 74% Internet penetration. And Senegal? It was once a leader in Internet penetration in Africa and now just 16% of Senegal’s population is digital.

Get an ICT4D Job! China, U.S., Nigeria, Philippines


Innovation in Communication Project Director: Internews is seeking a Project Director to be based in Beijing to perform high level tasks and program implementation focused on mainstreaming I

For BlackBerry to Survive, RIM Should Move From Canada to Nigeria

Recently, Ory Okolloh (‏@kenyanpundit) tweeted this brilliant suggestion to the leadership of Research in Motion, owners of the BlackBerry mobile phone system:

The Top 5 Countries for ICT4D in Africa are Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, and...?

At a recent Technology Salon, we were discussing the countries that have the best environment for ICT innovation that will accelerate economic and social development. Quickly we listed the following four countries:

Primates and people: Understanding local needs

Driven by a curiosity and a strong interest in primate conservation, late one night back in December 2001 I arrived in Nigeria to take up my post as Project Manager at a sanctuary in Calabar, Cross River State. The year I spent there – starting exactly ten years ago this month – turned out to be fascinating and frustrating in equal measure.

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