Weekly: FoodSync, Tech for emergencies, and Plugins!

Deployment of the week
We applaud the efforts of, utilizing the power of technology to reduce waste and connect surplus food to the hungry by mapping out food donations from participating vendors and delivery of these donations to organizations in the US.

Ushine from the Data Science Fellows

Ushine is a tool created by the Data Science for Social Good Fellows. Nathan Leiby, Kayla Jacobs, Kwang-Sun Jim and Elena Evena joined Emmanuel Kala, our community and network to dive into data cleaning and data analysis to assist Ushahidians and others on their data missions. The created tool is possible to use with Ushahidi or, with some code mashing, other software.

An update: Crowdsourcing, Crisis Mapping and Elections

This past week has been a trying one for many communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. From Haiti, Cuba and North Eastern USA. The Ushahidi community assisted remotely whenever they could. Our team shared resources and helped new mappers get going with our technology.

Weekly: Hurricane Sandy Mappers, WMS Layers Plugin

Happy Halloween! Hopefully, you’ve had your candy fill for the day. In the weekly report, we’ve got a Hurricane Sandy map update as well as a new code from the community: WMS Layers Plugin.

Students learn programming with Ushahidi

[Guest post: Cam Macdonell is an Instructor of Computer Science at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, AB. He completed his PhD from the University of Alberta in 2011 and began teaching at Grant MacEwan in September, 2011.]

Liberia’s elections map – one week on, with new features

It has been a week since Liberia’s presidential elections; during that time, the pervasive peace on election day has given way to opposition’s claims of electoral fraud as well as a few incidents of violence including two cases of

Open Dev Community chat and Hackathon

Join us Saturday, August 27th for an Open Development Community call and a Nairobi Ushahidi Hackathon.

Featured Plugin: Facebook Social

Today we enabled the Facebook Social plugin on Crowdmap, our free hosting solution for the Ushahidi Platform.

Introducing Map Geometry

In our quest to improve and increase the value of spatial data stored within the Ushahidi platform, we’re pleased to introduce map geometry. Until now, the platform has allowed you to define a single report with a single point. Map geometries allow you to define a report not just with a single point, but now with shapes and lines that you can draw.

Announcing Ushahidi 2.0 (Luanda)

We’re extremely pleased to finally announce version 2.0 (Luanda) of the Ushahidi platform. This release marks the end of many months of work on new functionality and bug fixes based on feedback we’ve received.
Highlights of Ushahidi 2.0
1. Plugins

Bookmarklets for Ushahidi and Crowdmap

This is a guest blogpost from Nick Doiron. He is a civil engineering student and GIS programmer in his senior year at Carnegie Mellon University. For CrisisCamp DC, he also developed an offline mapping activity which can display Ushahidi data on the OLPC XO laptop.

Analysis Plugin: ICT4Peace Supported Tool for Ushahidi Deployers

With the generous support of The ICT4Peace Foundation, Ushahidi was able to develop a custom plugin to assist the administrators of deployments to analyze and verify information. The plugin takes into account the feedback and suggestions provided by ICT4Peace, owing to its extensive experience in peace building, crisis management and humanitarian aid.

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