Random Thoughts

Building a Tech Industry

When we sit back and think about all the various organizations, projects, and companies we have been a part of over the past six years, at first glance they are seemingly quite different.

Wide-angle lens – Thoughts on what Ushahidi has to do with International Development

In light of all that is going on in Nairobi, I took a step back and started thinking about what it is we do here at Ushahidi, beyond the products, the code, and the community. We often get lumped into this greater industry of International Development, even though we talk about ourselves as a non-profit tech company.

Crowdsourcing and Consumer Rights Advocacy?

Question: Is there an opportunity to use Crowdsourcing technology to figure out where consumers are being let down by brands or outright being lied to? Could Crowdsourcing play a role in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of companies vis a vis engagement?

Ushahidi Liberia: new office, new lessons in importing + cold water

Ushahidi Liberia began this year with a new mission-critical: set up a well-resourced technology lab for local partners to use the Ushahidi platform and other information sharing tools.  We’ve been on the ground since June 2010, so you would think by now we have everything in place for the Ushahidi platform to work.  And in part, we do: we set up customized instances for 14 partner organization

Welcome to the InfoWars

Being part of Ushahidi has given us a front row seat to what I like to term the “InfoWars“. A time when it seems like the fourth and fifth estates are pitted against the other three.

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