USAID Request for Proposals: All Children Reading Grand Challenge for Development

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), and World Vision (collectively referred to as the “Founding Partners”) are seeking game-changing innovations with the potential to dramatically improve reading skills and low literacy rates among primary grade children.

Barry Eisler – Killing Rain

One of the things I’m generally pretty bad at when I’m at home in Vienna is reading books. While I have half a dozen books sitting on the shelf right next to my bed there never seem to be enough in the hours in the day to actually open and read them. I didn’t even manage to read more than 20 pages in my Lonely Planet Nepal guide before getting on the plane even though the book was actually lying next to my cushion for several weeks.

William Gibson – Pattern Recognition

Occasionally, most often at airports and train-stations, I randomly browse through a book-store and buy something that sounds interesting. Seeing that I’m really bad when it comes to actually reading books - I spend way too much time reading stuff online and in magazines -  I tend to have piles of unread books sitting next to my bed, on my desk and in my shelves.

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