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Russia: Using The Ushahidi Platform To Reach Rural Areas

[This is a guest blog post by Gregory Asmolov, an intern at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, contributing editor to “Runet Echo” and a Russian language blogger. He and Alexey Sidorenko deployed the Ushahidi platform Russian This deployment is the second for the Help Map Team]

It's #SocEntChat time!

Every first Wednesday of the month Ashoka gather's on Twitter to discuss topics in Social Entrepreneurship. This month we are talking about Innovations in Rural Development in Africa and India.
Want to be part of the conversation or simply see what people are talking about? Go to from 12-2pm today and enter #SocEntChat. Everyone is welcome to join!

Economics, technology, and social entrepreneurship

As an economist I'm always thinking about social entrepreneurship in terms of market efficiency, like in the case of increasing access to more accurate information through innovative ideas so that prices are fairer and there is a smaller dead weight market loss.

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