The Failure of Spectrum Auctions in Africa

Spectrum auctions are widely regarded as “best practice” in the assignment of wireless frequencies where demand exceed availability yet, as of 2013  among African countries, only Nigeria had successfully conducted a spectrum auction.

A Look at Spectrum in Four African Countries

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Does effective spectrum management make a real difference when it comes to more pervasive and affordable access to communication?

Why Senegal Internet Adoption Lags Behind Kenya, Nigeria, and Other African Nations

Looking across Africa, a discrepancy shows itself. Nigeria, with all its problems, has 30% of its population online. Kenya, once a tech backwater, has a 74% Internet penetration. And Senegal? It was once a leader in Internet penetration in Africa and now just 16% of Senegal’s population is digital.

Which African Country Leads in ICT Expenditures? The Answer will Surprise You!

The World Bank's Open Data initiative is intended to provide unfettered access to the World Bank's data catalog, including databases, pre-formatted tables and reports. Our friends at Online Africa have taken this data and made an interesting table:
ICT Expenditure as a Percent of GDP in African Countries
ICT Expenditure as a Percent of GDP in African Countries

Out of the box(es)

Today we began teacher training at Ecole Notre Dame. Over the weekend we mapped out our three day plan and got up on time to start the part of the project that we have anticipated for the past weeks. We arrived at school around 9 am before our scheduled start at 10. We moved the desks around the classroom, where we have stored the computers, into a circle and then waited for the teachers to arrive.

Dance, Rhetoric, Wrestle, Rice

James and I originally decided to apply to OLPCorps for a deployment in Tidjikja, Mauritania with the Peace Corps as our local partner because my brother, Seth, is living and working there. We both thought that the project was a good idea, but without a dependable connection we didn't know if the project could work. As it turned out it can. Only a few weeks after we first corresponded with our new Peace Corps contact, we found ourselves fully situated into our school, Ecole Notre Dame, and watching a traditional wrestling match just feet away from the mayor of Mboro.

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