Uchaguzi Simulation 2012

Ushahidi was born out of a flawed election. The post election violence in 2008 following the fractious Kenyan election season of 2007 highlighted the need for a tool that allowed ordinary citizens to report on incidences that would otherwise have been under reported or completed unreported.

Uchaguzi: An Ushahidi deployment for Kenya’s 2010 Constitutional Referendum

Uchaguzi - Kenya decides on a new constitution
The Ushahidi platform was born out of the 2007-2008 post-election violence.  While the organizational mission is to keep improving the technology behind Ushahidi, the team is also invested in its continued use in Kenya.  Because of this, Ushahidi has launched (which means “elections” in Swahili) with 3 Kenyan partner organizations to monitor the August 4th Constitutional Referendum vote. 

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