South Sudan

7 Reasons to Use Call Centers for Data Collection

Call Center Data Collection

Inveneo Welcomes a New Project Manager to the Team

Inveneo is happy to welcome our newest staff member, Kelly Doley, who recently joined the team as the Project Manager. Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge to the Inveneo environment.

How to End the South Sudan Conflict

Author Rebecca Hamilton did not want to call the crisis in South Sudan a “civil war”–not yet, at least. But in this clip below we discuss what it will take to bring a near and long term political solution to the desperate situation there.

UN Peacekeepers Protecting Civilians in South Sudan

South Sudan is in free fall. But things could be much, much worse if not for the presence of some 8,000 UN Peacekeepers currently deployed as part of the UN Mission in South Sudan.

Constructivist Cartography

The development blogosphere recently lit up with news of South Sudan’s plan to rebuild some of its urban centers in the shape of various animals.

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