Gazing into development’s crystal ball

It’s a sector that famously likes to look and plan ahead. So what does the development professional of today think it takes to be a professional development worker of tomorrow?

Weekly: Developer Survey, Map Demos and Small Asks

We’re on a community mission to make it easier to get involved with some small asks and developer survey. In this weekly, we also have flood maps and a Crowdmap demo.

The Ushahidi Community results are in!

The Ushahidi community survey results are in! We’ve been fortunate to have people share their input and feedback to help us improve. The key themes were:

Community Starts with You

Passionate Ushahidi, Swift and Crowdmap users have been providing rewarding input in the past month. These concerns, experiences, ideas and observations are shaping community strategy. Each of you inspire us and people around the world.

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