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Weekly: Pivoting @OSCON & Community Dev Call

In this week’s report, we have David’s OSCON presentation “Pivoting an African Open Source Project” and a reminder about this month’s Ushahidi Community Developer chat.

Weekly: Swift Demo, RHOK & Election Hackathons

From Swift to Hack, here’s the Ushahidi Weekly: The SwiftRiver team gave a demo during our monthly Developer Community Call. We’re participating in Random Hacks of Kindness and the Free Election Hackathons.

Open Dev Community chat and Hackathon

Join us Saturday, August 27th for an Open Development Community call and a Nairobi Ushahidi Hackathon.

Knight Challenge Grant!

It’s truly an honor to accept a $250,000 grant from the Knight Foundation for the SwiftRiver project!  It’s the culmination of a long journey that began in 2008 but evolved in 2010 when I joined the project as (product designer) and later Matthew Griffiths (lead developer).

Algorithms Augmenting Human Decisions

Here’s an update about the SwiftRiver platform from PDF11 which I had the pleasure of speaking at yesterday. My slides are below and here you can find video of my presentation.

QR Codes and the Ushahidi Platform

I was recently invited to speak at this year’s Com.Geo conference, to participate as part of panel titled “Expanding GeoWeb to an Internet of Things”. As the name describes, it was about using the internet of things concept in real-world scenarios to augment user experience.

Radical Collaboration

A few weeks ago in Cape Town, South Africa, I gave a talk about distributed collaboration (crowdsourcing) and social currency. The general idea is that very little of what makes such collaboration work has to do with technology.

Realtime Translation with SwiftRiver

One of the problems a lot of crowdsourcing projects have is that they end up pulling in massive amounts of data from the web, Twitter and other channels from around the world. This means content arrives in many different languages, often languages that the deployer doesn’t speak.

Verifying Data by Adding Context

Can we improve the quality of crowd-sourced data by adding context? We think it’s a good place to start, this infographic explains how the SwiftRiver platform is being constructed to improve the data collection mechanisms in all Ushahidi’s family of products.

Auto-Detection of Location with Swift

The following post was written by a volunteer developer, Vladimir G. Ermakov a Master’s student at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania. Over the past few months he took on an ambitious project: to contribute code that would allow us to parse news articles and attempt to auto-detect the primary location that is the subject of any given text.

Ushahidi 2010: A Year of Growth

In 2010 the Ushahidi community managed to shift the way information flows in this world, just a little bit, and these repercussions will be felt for a long time to come. This year has been an exciting year for the Ushahidi organization, with major upgrades in the platform(s), greater visibility globally and amazing deployments around the world.

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