Get an ICT4D Job! From Haiti to Congo, Turkmenistan to Niger, Your Skills Are Needed Now


Network Operations Engineer: Inveneo needs someone to set up network operations centers to monitor and support telecommunications networks in the rural and developing world.

Teachers Training Teachers

Last Friday our group got to take its first jaunt outside of Kenema (excluding Freetown of course), and headed to Bo, an easy 45 minute taxi ride. The ride was cramped (although we’ve had worse), and cost about $2 a person.
We went there to give our project presentation to a teachers workshop. The workshop was [...]

Hit the Ground Running

Chelsea, Katie R and I arrived in Sierra Leone less than a week ago (as I’m writing, we arrived almost 5 days ago). Already, we have met several times with our partner organization, Defence for Children International (DCI); been introduced to various partners and stakeholders (including the Kenema reps for the ministries of Education and [...]

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