Ushahidi supports Mozambique general election.

Ushahidi team members recently provided blogger training and deployment consultation for the Txeka-la initiative monitoring the Mozambique general election and engaging community through mapping. From the Canadian High Commission YouTube post:

OSCON 2014: Ignites, Expo, Ushahidi Platform V3, CrisisNET, BRCK

A few of us Ushahidians spent this past week at OSCON 2014 (Open Source Conference) in beautiful sunny (well, almost) Portland, OR and here is our report back to you on the festival of all things open source.

Shipping It: A 2013 Ushahidi Update

2013 has proved to be a big one for us at Ushahidi. Coming from a 2012 where a lot was done, but where we all felt we weren’t shipping enough product, the acceleration has proved to be refreshing. At this year’s meeting we made a commitment to organize better towards this, and the fruits have borne out.

Weekly: FoodSync, Tech for emergencies, and Plugins!

Deployment of the week
We applaud the efforts of, utilizing the power of technology to reduce waste and connect surplus food to the hungry by mapping out food donations from participating vendors and delivery of these donations to organizations in the US.

2 Tech Tools for Emergencies from our Westgate Experience: Ping and Blood Donation

As we mentioned yesterday, it’s been a bit of a crazy few days in Nairobi. The full Ushahidi team met yesterday (many virtually, of course), and we talked about many issues surrounding the Westgate siege and our own tools. This lead us to then think through our skills and tools, and where we could be useful. Two thoughts came immediately to mind:

A Westgate Update from the Kenya Ushahidi Team

All Ushahidi team members and their families are accounted for (as well as everyone on the iHub team).
One of the Ushahidi team members (BRCK product), was traveling and his wife and children were inside the building. They were separated at the time, but all managed to get out and are safe now.

Ushine from the Data Science Fellows

Ushine is a tool created by the Data Science for Social Good Fellows. Nathan Leiby, Kayla Jacobs, Kwang-Sun Jim and Elena Evena joined Emmanuel Kala, our community and network to dive into data cleaning and data analysis to assist Ushahidians and others on their data missions. The created tool is possible to use with Ushahidi or, with some code mashing, other software.

Introducing Seth And Chris

Big things are happening at Ushahidi, and with that means new faces. Let us introduce you to Ushahidi’s two newest team members, Seth Hall and Chris Albon.

Welcoming Rob Baker and Sharon Rutto

It’s always fun to welcome people to the team who have such long history with Ushahidi.

Ushahidi Announces Changes to Board of Directors

Ushahidi today announced that its board of directors has appointed three new members, effective September 19th. The new directors are Clay Shirky, David Kobia and Erik Hersman.

Disrupting Ushahidi (Part 2/2)

(The other day I talked about how we think of ourselves as Ushahidi and how we think of success in our world. It’s part one two posts that sets up the context for this post, which is about where we’re going next as an organization and with our platform.)

Patrick Meier Departs for the Qatar Foundation

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Patrick Meier for the past 3 years directly as one of the core Ushahidi team members. He’s become a close friend, and someone that I respect even more than when we first met.

3 for Design, Business and External Projects

Every once in a while I get to write a blog post smiling the whole time. This is one of them, because I’m updating our community on the addition of three incredibly talented individuals to the Ushahidi core team.

Say Hello to Evan Sims

Today we are introducing you to the latest person to join the Ushahidi team. Evan Sims (@evansims) comes to us as a Senior Developer, helping to improve scalability, performance and reliability of our Crowdmap service. We are super excited to see what he can do with the platform!

AFP features Ushahidi Liberia

Agence France-Presse visited Ushahidi Liberia’s office during the recent presidential elections to learn how the electoral process, and conflict across the country, was being mapped by partner organizations on the ground. Check out this AFP video for more:

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