What We Learned From V3 Testing, and How We’ve Responded

As Sharon outlined in her great post last week, we have completed our first round of user testing on Ushahidi V3. We tested key interactions on pages from the Pattern Library with users of varying levels of Ushahidi experience.

Ushahidi V3 User Experience Testing

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last v3 beta release, but there’s a whole lot of work that’s been happening in the background.
The V3 team has been working around the clock to ensure that we’re not only building a world class product, but a product that is user centered. The design and functionality need to be able to meet our users’ expectations.

Announcing Ping App

Just over one year ago Nairobi was jolted by the attacks at Westgate Mall.

Testing Ushahidi v2.7.3 (Upcoming Release)

We’re almost ready for the next bug fix release of Ushahidi v2.7.3b, and we need your help!

Courtesy of Progamming fun hub: http://devcv.me/

What Needs Testing?

A BRCK Update – Jan 2014

It’s been a busy few months for the BRCK team, as now the company has spun outside of Ushahidi and is it’s own commercial entity.

Weekly: Mapping in Pavia, Umati forums, Software testing and releases!

Deployment of the week
This week, we recognise the efforts of the team at Raccontalo alla Provincia pavese, mobilising citizens to voice out problems within their environment in the Province of Pavia in Italy.

Weekly: Umati & BRCK Videos, Crowdmap in Action

What a Week! The whole team wants to fall over with all the product delivery. In this week’s report, more about BRCK and Crowdmap Public Beta. Plus, we’ve got a Deployment of the Week from Pakistan and a google hangout all about monitoring Dangerous Speech with the Umati Research.

Testing 2.7 (New Release)

We need your help testing for v2.7b of the platform. There are two ways to test:
Download and Test the install
We have tagged a 2.7b branch in github as the “beta release”. You can download this code and test it from the 2.7b github branch.

Weekly: Uchaguzi Hangout, Code of Conduct & Testing 2.7

Happy Week! We are a mission to share best practices and co-create a Code of Conduct. Plus, we have two Deployments of the Week from Venezuela. The biggest Ushahidi news this week is that we are in TEST MODE for 2.7. After months of bug fixes and many long nights/days, the developer team has crushed bugs and need your help to test before we launch.

Uchaguzi Merging Local and Digital

Two weeks until the Kenyan election. Some of our team and community are living and breathing Uchaguzi – 24 x 7.

UMATI- Monitoring Dangerous Speech Online

This is a blogpost by Angela Crandall, one of the Research Leads at iHub Research, Nairobi. 

Localization and Translation with Transifex

Catalan is the first new full addition to Transifex – our new localization/translation home. We’ve blogged previously about our efforts to localize Ushahidi.

Load Testing on Ushahidi Platform 2.1

We performed load testing on two different setups of the latest version of the Ushahidi Platform to see if there was a relatively easy win for greatly improving the scalability of an Ushahidi deployment. We used loadimpact.com, who donated three months of their premium service to us for testing.

Ushahidi Liberia: new office, new lessons in importing + cold water

Ushahidi Liberia began this year with a new mission-critical: set up a well-resourced technology lab for local partners to use the Ushahidi platform and other information sharing tools.  We’ve been on the ground since June 2010, so you would think by now we have everything in place for the Ushahidi platform to work.  And in part, we do: we set up customized instances for 14 partner organization

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