The Case for Open Data in Telecoms

The landscape of telecommunications is changing.  The mobile revolution is maturing and entering a new phase of slower growth.  The rapid spread of fibre optic networks is increasing the ability of existing operators to deliver broadband but is also opening up possibilities for new players.  The value of being “connected” continues to grow even as the cost of access slowly comes down.

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The Global Innovation Competition called for new, ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas to enhance government transparency and accountability in Making All Voices Count’s 12 programme countries.

Making All Voices Count Launched

Since a few weeks back you have been able to apply to the Making All Voices Count (MAVC) fund for grant money for your project on innovation, scaling up and research. We, Ushahidi, manage the innovation component of the fund.

Transparency in Extractives Industry. A role for Tech?

On a single day in March last year, three countries — Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique announced discoveries of oil and gas (joining Uganda as possible oil and gas producers.) This was momentous, and according to this article in The East African, there are s

Kuhonga’s Anti-Corruption Strategy in Kenya

We’ve seen a rise in anti-corruption mapping. In the past few months, we’ve featured projects from Kosovo, Zimbabwe and even provided global overviews.

MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: 25% of Microfinance Borrowers Use Part of Enterprise Loan Proceeds for Consumption, According to Study by Dean Karlan, Jonathan Zinman

In a recent paper, “List Randomization for Sensitive Behavior: An Application for Measuring Use of Loan Proceeds,” researchers Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman put forth data indicating that enterprise microloan borrowers tend to underreport the percentage of the loan, if any,  that they use for non-business purposes such as household expenses [1] [2].

MICROFINANCE EVENT: African Microfinance Transparency (AMT) 2011 Investor’s Fair in Accra, Ghana, October 13 – 14

Event Name: The 2011 Investor’s Fair
Event Date: October 13 – October 14, 2011
Event Location: Hotel Alisa, Accra, Ghana
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Liberia Mapped

During my first few weeks in Liberia, I found myself at the mercy of my driver.  The lack of street signs and numbered addresses meant that finding an office inevitably involved stopping to ask a woman selling bananas, or going up and down nearby streets until we’d eyed each nook and cranny of the concrete honeycomb.  This isn’t how two mapping consultants go about their business, John and I thought; we had the power to do something, however small, about the disorder of Liberia’s capital.  So we set out on in John’s surfboard-adorned jeep with GPS unit in hand.

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