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[Guest post by Anibal Vivaceta of Chile Moviliza: I'm a physician, with postgraduate studies in Anthropology and Public Health. Working in Public Health since 1994 (Mato Grosso Brasil, with MSF).

Weekly x 3: Community Map & Global Wrap-up

What an amazing few weeks connecting in person with deployers on two continents! Please consider this a 3-week wrap-up of great projects and people. While traveling, I met deployers ranging from corruption/transparency activists, journalists, data hackers, environmentalists, election hackers, researchers, civil society dynamos and more.

Liberia’s Election Sitrep: on and off the map

Here’s a brief situation report of events on the ground in Liberia, where Ushahidi Liberia’s team has been operational for the past year and-a-half. This report covers the eve of and, now, day of, the presidential run-off election:

Liberia’s elections map – one week on, with new features

It has been a week since Liberia’s presidential elections; during that time, the pervasive peace on election day has given way to opposition’s claims of electoral fraud as well as a few incidents of violence including two cases of

Liberia’s Referendum on the map

Liberia’s Constitutional Referendum took place August 23rd, and was considered by many to be a dress rehearsal for the fast approaching presidential election. This Referendum was the first time since the civil war that Liberia’s National Elections Commission (NEC) ran the show rather than the UN; it was also a test for how effectively voter education activities had informed the population.

Where crime runs deep, Ushahidi Liberia goes local

Since Ushahidi Liberia began over a year ago, our team has been crowdseeding rather than crowdsourcing.  This has been the conscious choice of our 20+ partner organizations in-country, who have trusted field reporters and a shared reluctance about involving the crowd in a context where rumors and mob violence are

Voix des Kivus: A Crowd-Seeding System in DRC

[Guest blog post by Peter van der Windt, PhD candidate in Political Science at Columbia University focusing on Africa.

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