World Health Worker Week

On the Hill to Advocate for and Honor Health Workers

By Carol Bales ,
Advocacy and policy communications manager, IntraHealth International
April 18, 2019
World Health Worker Week was a time to educate lawmakers on the tremendous impact of frontline health workers.

The Journey of Arti Sah, a Midwife in Nepal

By CARE International; GSK
April 08, 2019
“There is nothing bigger than the happiness I feel when a healthy mother leaves with a healthy baby.”

Newborn Plans: Nurse Leader in Ghana Encourages First-Time Teen Moms to Take Charge of Their Lives

By Maryalice Yakutchik
April 05, 2019
Julia is one of countless health workers who go beyond their traditional roles to help clients when, where, and how they need it the most.

Welcome to World Health Worker Week 2019

By The Editorial Team,
IntraHealth International
April 01, 2019
It’s our favorite week of the year. Here are 8 ways to get involved.
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