How Can Social Networking Increase ICT Usage? February #ICT4D Twitter Chat

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn - these social networking technologies are driving ICT adoption worldwide. They're also increasing revenues and efficiencies in leading American and European companies.

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But what's the impact, if any, of social networking technologies on businesses and communities in the developing world? Are they really driving ICT adoption and business revenues in rural areas? Or does Facebook, Twitter, and the like just reinforce the techno-elite echo chamber - bypassing the Global South completely?

Sugar Learning Platform Will Succeed In Virgin Markets

I think is time that Sugar Labs and Sugar developers to realize that the success or failure of Sugar does not depend on its ability to play YouTube videos. Not because is not important but because there is very little chance to penetrate this market dominated by Microsoft and Apple.

Wahlwerbespot der Piratenpartei

Die Piratenpartei Sachen-Anhalt hat für die anstehende Bundestagswahl 2009 diesen wirklich ausgezeichneten Wahlwerbespot produziert:

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