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Making our presence felt: Women's involvement in online content creation in Ghana

In this exploration of the questions of access and economy for women in Ghana, the author takes a closer look at the digital gender gap. When women don't have equal access to the internet, then what are the economic implications?

Kenya National Broadband Strategy: APC and partners advocate for bottom-up, community-driven approaches to bridge connectivity gaps

APC and partners participated in a public consultation on the revision of Kenya's broadband strategy, co-authoring a submission that stresses the need to enable alternative approaches to broadband delivery that can complement existing networ

Joint submission to public consultation on Kenya's Revised National Broadband Strategy

In response to a public consultation, APC joined Rhizomatica, the Internet Society, World Wide Web Foundation/Alliance for Affordable Internet, ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa, Tunapanda Institute and Kenya ICT Action Network to present comments o

IFF Valencia: Can we rescue the internet?

My Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) started a little late as I was unable to get away from Brexit-gripped UK until Wednesday, but it was really refreshing to be in lovely Valencia in the spring and spend the end of the week in such a stimulat

Contest: The power of images to challenge religion-based hate speech online

If you are a designer, an artist, an illustrator or passionate about freedom of expression, internet rights and the power of tech, we invite you to take part in this contest! Deadline is on 17 May 2019.

Assange and Bini's arrests, a serious threat to freedom of expression worldwide

"The forced removal of Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London and the sudden termination of his political asylum should be seen as a violation of human rights, an attack on freedom of expression and an attempt to undermine inte

Consolidating a rights-based approach to internet access and governance in Africa

The African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms Secretariat and several members of the African Declaration Coalition met in Entebbe, Uganda to brainstorm on the building blocks of a 36-month strategic plan for cultivating an environm

Gender and privacy: Interview with Eva Blum-Dumontet, Privacy International

Privacy allows women and members of marginalised communities to create safe spaces of expression and makes available tools that challenge norms that restrict equality, access and control.

President ousted after brutal repression of protests in Sudan, both offline and online

Users of the three major telecom companies in Sudan stated that they were not able to access Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp except through a virtual private network.