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The past 30 days in technology for development

Inside the Digital Society: Reviewing a World Summit

It’s fifteen years since the World Summit on the Information Society – and the United Nations is pledged to hold a review of what has happened since the Summit in 2025.

Community Networks and Local Access Monthly Newsletter - Number 23

Welcome to the 23rd monthly round-up of developments impacting your local access networks.

Statement of solidarity against the legal harassment of Malaysian author by local authorities

We condemn the blatant attacks on Maryam Lee’s constitutional and internationally guaranteed rights, which are also inconsistent with commitments made by Malaysia at the Human Rights Council to repeal laws that restrict fundamental freedoms.

Weaving a community together – from grassroots to tech

This visually stunning photo essay provides a glimpse into the life of a community network and the women working at the radio station and using the other services provided by the network, located just at the outskirts of Bangalore in India.<

New age women: Women and their approach towards internet connectivity in rural India

Availability and affordability of the internet have a major impact on whether women are able to access and use it.

TEDIC joins the APC network: “New ways of doing things, new approaches to improve the work we do, together”

TEDIC is a Paraguayan non-profit organisation founded in 2012 that develops open civic technology and defends digital rights for a free culture on the internet. And now it is also one of the APC network's newest member organisations!
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