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When Time Is Critical: How Involving Frontline Health Workers Can Improve Stroke Survival Rates

By Carmen Graffagnino,
Neurologist, Duke Hospital ; Nilima Mehta ,
Philanthropy program manager, Medtronic Foundation ; Anne Katharine Wales,
Senior philanthropy portfolio lead, Medtronic Foundation
April 09, 2019

The Journey of Arti Sah, a Midwife in Nepal

By CARE International; GSK
April 08, 2019
“There is nothing bigger than the happiness I feel when a healthy mother leaves with a healthy baby.”

Rudi International: The Universal Periodic Review is taking place and there is a pressing need for recommendations on digital rights for the DRC

During its first and second Universal Periodic Review cycles, 395 recommendations were made to the DRC. The government supported more than 80% of the recommendations made, but none of these recommendations touched on human rights online.

Wow! 10 Years of ICTworks in Your Inbox

Newborn Plans: Nurse Leader in Ghana Encourages First-Time Teen Moms to Take Charge of Their Lives

By Maryalice Yakutchik
April 05, 2019
Julia is one of countless health workers who go beyond their traditional roles to help clients when, where, and how they need it the most.

Collective digital security strategies for environmental human rights defenders: Conversation at the Internet Freedom Festival

Among human rights defenders (HRDs), those working on land, indigenous peoples’ and environmental rights are the most targeted group.

What is the impact of media concentration and monopolies on diversity online? Conversation at the Internet Freedom Festival

The internet was developed with the promise of democratising access to knowledge and enabling the exercise of freedom of expression.

Spectrum Auctions Are Killing Competition And Failing Rural Access

If you are reading this, you are already within a narrow cross-section of people whose eyes have not rolled up into their heads at seeing the term “spectrum auctions” in a headline.

Investing In Empowerment Programs Will Lower Poverty Levels

Poverty eradication and food security have been international priorities since time in memorial. The positive impact they will have on social security, the comprehensive economy and global development is undisputable.

Responsible data for philanthropists

In the search for evidence of impact, donors and investors are asking that more and more data be generated by grantees and those they serve. Some of those driving this conversation talk about the “opportunity cost” of not collecting, opening and sharing as much data as possible.

GISWatch 2019 call for proposals: Artificial intelligence: Human rights, social justice and development

This 2019 edition of GISWatch will focus on the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) systems on human rights, social justice and development in the local context, with a specific focus on countries in the global South.
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