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The past 30 days in technology for development

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: How can we effectively campaign for freedom of expression?

APC participated in a session at the Global Festival of Action in Bonn, Germany, an annual event that focuses on how to scale up the impact of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which also coincided this year with the celebration of W

Recognising the threat of internet shutdowns: Cameroon at the CESCR

Among the recommendations made to Cameroon, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights urged the government to improve affordable access to the internet and ensure that any measures seeking to limit internet access comply with

E-analytics and Digital Tools for Political Analysis

(New York, USA) The Secretary-General highlighted in his Strategy on New Technologies (2018) the opportunities offered by digital technologies for accelerating the implementation of SDG 16 and enhancing the work of the peace and security pillar.

What We Can Do About Free Press Crackdowns and Online Censorship

At the SF Bay Area Technology Salon on “What Can We Do About Press Crackdowns and Online Censorship?” two questions were at the center of the discussion: Who care about press freedom? What are tactics and strategies that inspire more people to take action to defend free speech, information access, and truth online? The carefully...

Technology Approaches to Improve Governance and Civic Engagement

The terms Civic Tech and GovTech have rapidly gained popularity over the past few years. Our recent Technology Salon – What Technology Approaches Improve Governance and Civic Engagement? – explored how digital tools and solutions can be used to further improve governance and citizen engagement. We had a lively discussion, informed by four thought leaders...

The Right Training and Equipment Save Tajik Triplets' Lives

By Khosiyatkhon Komilova,
Communications specialist
May 02, 2019
Meet the first surviving triplets in the history of this region of Tajikistan.

Community Networks and Local Access Monthly Newsletter - Number 17

Welcome to the 17th monthly round-up of developments impacting your local access networks.

Declaration of support for the Copyright Amendment Bill 2019, South Africa

We welcome the passing of the Copyright Amendment Bill by both the National Assembly and the National Council of the Provinces and encourage the president to sign the Bill into law without delay.

ICT4D Conference

(Kampala, Uganda) The 11th Information Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D) Conference brings together hundreds of public, private and civil society organizations, eager to share practical insights on applying digital technology to development, hu

What is the role of media in elections and democracy? Join us in celebrating World Press Freedom Day 2019

The APC community will be actively participating in the celebration of World Press Freedom Day 2019 on 3 May.

Humanitarian blockchain: Are we there yet?

At our April Technology Salon we discussed the evidence and good practice base for blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) in the humanitarian sector.

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