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A big thank you to….

To everyone who has contributed to making this work (I mean the realease of the XO’s), on behalf on the entire OLPCorps Minna team, I would like to say a big thank you; particularly to the entire OLPC team, Tomi Davies, Engr. Abubakar Salisu, Ayo Kusamotu and not forgetting my esteemed team members; Akin and Tola you have been fantastic and most resourceful.

When truth and reconciliation get political

It's not very surprising that Liberia's opposition party is taking advantage of this opportunity to call for the country's president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, to resign.

Mogadishu "descending into chaos"

MSF just put out a warning that the majority of the populaiton of north Mogadishu has fled as fighing escalated in the Somali capital.  They have even had to close a pediatric hospital and three health clinics in the city. 
MSF just put out a warning that the majority of the populaiton of north Mogadishu has fled as fighing escalated in the Somali capital.

Are the Taliban Buying Children for Suicide Attacks?

This is deeply disturbing:
A top Taliban leader in Pakistan is buying and selling children for suicide bombings, Pakistani and U.S. officials said.
Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has been increasingly using the children in attacks, the officials said. A video released by Pakistan's military shows the children training for the task.
In the video of a training camp, children can be seen killing and going through exercises.

Finally our XO’s are released

After the long wait for the XO’s detained by the men of the Nigerian Customs Service, they have finally been released. How i do not know as at the time i’m typing this but this is great news.
Our deployment will officially kickoff on Monday the 13th of July and the Opening Ceremony’s billed for Thursday the 16th which the State Governor might grace if we are lucky. Right now i am packing my stuff and getting ready for my journey to Minna tomorrow morning.
Will keep you updated on our deployment.

The Coup Caucus

The Weekly Standard calls it a "Coup for Democracy." The National Review, "A Counter-Coup." But Ciff Kincaid wins the award for most unhinged reaction to events in Honduras:

Still villaging

Duuuddddeeee, I’m getting too lazy to blog anymore. But I’m going to try anyway. I’ve got a little bit of cabin fever. Buwaiswa is fun, but it is a tiny Ugandan village after all. There’s only one board game in the entire place, a rough equivalent to Sorry, and because it stays in our house, we’re constantly getting harassed by the orphans to play. I’ve been pretending to learn the guitar once again. Mike, the Australian ICT Center Volunteer, has one that also stays in our living room, which is super convenient.

More pictures

Rwandan border crossing[caption id="attachment_68" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="No mans land, while walking across the border"][/caption]President Paul Kagame in the middle and Nicholas Negroponte on the right[caption id="attachment_70" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Tiff shaking Kagame\'s hand!"][/caption]My feet and XO in the Kigali hotel room.[caption id="attachment_72" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="View of Kigali from the fifth/sixth floor of KIST"][/caption]Kigali hillside taken from the gardens of the genocide memorial

Ramases II, rejoice

You did not have arthritis of the spine. Your reputation as a "great warrior" is intact. How do we know? Nuclear power. Specifically:
The United Nations nuclear agency is using its expertise to help archaeologists unearth millennia-old secrets, from the supposed murder of King Tutankhamun to the mysterious death of Great Pharaoh Ramesses II, from Egyptian mummies.


Documenting a Student Cause

Soul Buddiez is an after school student group at Mmaweshi Primary School that focuses on HIV and AIDS awareness. Last year the students did a presentation for us about Soul Buddiez, so this year we decided to get involved. We will be working with the students in Soul Buddiez to make a community presentation about HIV and AIDS, and using our Flip Video Camera, we will document this. The documentary will be filmed in two parts:

The Internet Is Not Simple

I had little to do with setting up the Internet during last year’s deployment because of my lack of technical skills. This year, we are down nine people so we can’t be as picky about how we work on the internet. We’ve been working at the winter camp on fixing the Internet at Driehoek and Mmaweshi (we haven’t been to Katane yet, but their Internet is also broken).

Kids Can Learn A Lot In One Year...

After finishing our first week of our Winter XO Camp, we realized that the learners (South African word for students) have advanced far more than we thought they would have since last summer. They were finishing tasks in 10 minutes that we thought would take an hour, and some students were even teaching us about programs that we never showed them and are not familiar with ourselves. On the one hand, this is great news because it means that the students are using their laptops for learning.

Does stopping climate change only require two countries?

Recognizing that the issues on which the United States and Russia are extremely unlikely agree to are limited to a relatively small sub-sphere is, unfortunately and erroneously, not enough for some commentators.  Dave Schuler, at Outside the Beltway, for example, finds nothing on which the former Cold War foes can build a relationship.  Yet how Schuler

UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband on Ban's Burma trip

From Miliband's most recent blog post.  The British were supportive of Ban's recent trip to Burma.
Ban Ki Moon deserves credit for not taking no for an answer from the Burmese authorities. He refused to postpone his visit  - a visit that he promised to make when he visited the country at the time of Cyclone Nargis to discuss political and economic reform. Ban's closing speech was clear and definitive - the regime's refusal to engage properly was reprehensible.

Morning Coffee - 7 July 2009

Starting 5
Top Story: 




In the weeks leading up to Wednesday's G-8 summit in Italy, the U.S.

Update on Urumchi

It’s getting very ugly in Xinjiang. The violent riots by ethnic Uighurs have now been followed by vigilante mobs of Han Chinese, chanting “We want revenge for our dead.” Urumchi is now under martial law. The death toll is at 156 and rising; no one has a clear breakdown on how many deaths were caused by police and how many by the rioters. 1400 people have been arrested.

"Everyone a Changemaker" TechCompany

Ashoka's vision (and Trade Mark) is "Everyone A Changemaker" (TM) which to me, it means that we are all about believing people can change their own realities. And this is what makes social entrepreneurship different from charity--it's about creating an environment in which any individual can be a change agent, wherever they work or live.

A little catch up...

Well I hope we haven't lost all of our devoted readers in the month in which we didn't post, but just like Twilight Princess, you're anticipation and dedication to this blog shall be valiantly rewarded:

On a mission to aid farmers in Latin America

This is the eleventh in our series of FrontlineSMS guest posts. Here, Jorge Alonso - a veterinarian turned ICT4D practitioner - discusses his thoughts on the application of the software in agriculture in Latin America

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