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Freedom without Learning is always in peril and Learning without Freedom is always in vain

We were asked to define our goals in distributing the XO’s this summer. After some thinking, my main goal, which may be different from the team, is to provide a basis for knowledge. In my opinion, the most important block to prosperity in many African and poor countries for that matter are poor because of a lack of knowledge. The most basic educational attainments that we have in the United States are not yet realized in the African countries. Many in Africa are afraid of the powers of technology and many just simply do not know the capabilities of technology.

Neda's Story

The Los Angeles Time's Borzou Daragahi pieces together the last moments in the life of the 26 year old Neda Agha-Soltan (left), who's violent death has become a symbol of the Iranian opposition movement.  
A memorial website has already sprouted.  

Radio Ö1 piece on OLPC

As previously mentioned I was interviewed by Austrian radio station Ö1 about OLPC last week. The piece aired today and it’s now available via the Digitales Leben podcast feed.

WGSDIA – Support Open Spectrum

This entry is part of a series, What Google Should Do In Africa»

This the first installment of a series of posts in which I have the hubris to reflect upon What Google Should Do In Africa (#WGSDIA).  There is some context for this post in the preface to the series.

Should starving people be tourist attractions?

by William Easterly

Senegalese entrepreneur Magatte Wade on the Huffington Post touched a raw nerve about condescension towards Africans. She noted that a tourism operator was marketing one of Jeff Sachs’ Millennium Villages (MVs) as a vacation destination and quoted from the brochure "Please do not give anything to the villagers -- no sweets.”

Science News Cycle []

I recently happen to re-discover which I hadn’t read in quite some time. Among the many awesome comics this one strikes me as being one of the funniest. Enjoy! If research papers had a comment section is also pretty damn good!

FS Misik Folge 82

Ich bin vor einigen Monaten über den Blog bzw. Twitter-Feed von Robert Misik gestolpert und seither von seinen Artikeln und Videos immer wieder begeistert gewesen. Eines der Highlights dabei ist sicherlich der FS Misik Videocast für den STANDARD (der übrigens vor kurzem sein Portal gelauncht hat).

Ken Robinson’s TED Talk on creativity

I’m spending this Saturday evening catching up on reading and watching lots of online videos. Among other things I decided to re-watch (for what must be the 5th or 6th time) Ken Robinson’s talk about creativity and education at TED 2006. It’s definitely among my all-time favorite TED talks and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in education:

FOKO: Expansion And Collaborations

We have got some exciting updates from the FOKO Madagascar project. FOKO has completed its expansion efforts in Northern Madagascar. The SAVA region and Antsiranana are now part of the FOKO network. More news from the project Blog: is mine

Yes, I finally did: I got my own domain! I’ve been talking about getting into the domain-grabbing business for quite some time and I’m happy that nobody snapped up before me. If you check out the URL you’ll see that I’m still a bit clueless as to what exactly to do there so if you know of any cool personal Web sites I should look at for inspiration then please give me a shout.

What Google Should Do In Africa – Preface

This entry is part of a series, What Google Should Do In Africa»

africa_googleThis is an introduction to a series of posts on what I think Google ought to be doing in Africa,  that is to say what I think they ought to be doing outside of their core business of selling advertising.  Why pick on Google?  For a few reasons:

Lichterkette – Wien – 18/06/2009

Apologies for this post being in German… Um gegen die vor allem in den letzten Wochen und Monaten wiedermal besonders furchtbaren politischen Zustände zu protestieren haben zwei Studentinnen die (v.A. über Facebook organisierte) Aktion Lichterkette gestartet. Der Aufruftext zur Aktion lautete:

80+1 Panel Discussion on New Approaches to Education

On Monday I’ll be heading to Linz to participate in a panel discussion on New Approaches to Education which is part of the 80+1 project. Here’s what the Web site has to say about the event: Expert panel discussion and open forum on the subject of new approaches to education; panelists include Christoph Derndorfer, one of the first members of OLPC Austria, freelance writer Armin Himmelrath and, via Skype from China, Calvin Chin, CEO of Qifang.

Links to other blogs to make you taller, happier, smarter

Secret to development is to be taller! taller makes you happier, richer, smarter – thanks a lot from us short people, tall Anne Case and Angus Deaton!

False pessimism exposé: American children still doing better than their parents (Café Hayek) are they taller?

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