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The past 30 days in technology for development

Enabling community participation of young girls and women: Janastu community mesh radio network

As part of the “Connecting the Unconnected” project, Sarbani Banerjee Belur of Gram Marg, an India-based member organisation in the project’s peer learning community, recently visited the Janastu Community Mesh Radio Network initiated by Ser

Beyond the Vast Wasteland: briefing Congresspeople for the Aspen Institute

I was privileged to speak to a gathering of Senators and Representatives who came to MIT for an Aspen Institute event in May, 2019 titled “Internet, Big Data and Algorithms: Threats to Privacy and Freedom, or Gateway to a New Future”.

Non-consensual dissemination of intimate images and unfair laws: Ugandan women caught in between

Women in Uganda find themselves in a position where they have nowhere to turn; they are caught between a rock and a hard place, or between the reality of non-consensual dissemination of intimate images (NCII) and the laws that police their b

Submission to South African Law Reform Commission Discussion Paper 149 on Sexual Offences: Pornography and Children

Research ICT Africa and APC make this joint submission in the public interest to ensure that the internet, and access to it, can be a force for good in South Africa rather than becoming a tool which benefits some and leaves marginalised or v

Thinking in Solid

“Why does Amazon ask me to review something the day it arrives?” Amy asks. “I usually don’t know if it’s any good for a couple of weeks. They should email you again a hundred days later.”

RightsCon, ORGCon and how we are going to rescue the internet, part 2

Using best practices in ethics, ecology and tech, we can set an example and show the way to reinstate the free, open, positive internet as part of a sustainable future, says Edward Maw of APC member organisation GreenNet in his reflections o

Bread&Net 2019: Advancing human rights in digitally networked spaces in the Middle East and North Africa

Bread&Net is a three-day, participant-built “unconference” organised by SMEX, where activists, technologists, lawyers, artists, trainers, journalists, researchers, entrepreneurs and others from across the MENA region will come together in Be
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