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Free To Be Mobile: Ensuring that women, girls, queer and trans persons can inhabit digital spaces freely and fearlessly

APC member Point of View launches Free To Be Mobile, a publication that features ten stories of teenagers, women, trans and queer persons, and their experiences of digital violence.

Inside the Information Society: Measuring the impact of ICTs on sustainable development

If we’re worried about the volume of data that’s gathered about us every time we click a mouse or tap a smartscreen, surely there must be more than enough to tell us all we need to know about how the Information Society’s evolving. Not so, a

New index on racism against Palestinians on social media

Every 66 seconds a post inciting hatred against Palestinians was shared on social media platforms in 2018. Almost half a million calls for violent actions and racist slurs were registered.

Free To Be Mobile: New publication from Point of View

Point of View, an APC member organisation in India, celebrated International Women's Day on 8 March with the launch of its newest publication, Free To Be Mobile, as part of its mission to ensure that women, girls, queer and trans pe

HRC40: Oral statement highlighting the shrinking of civic space online

APC echoes the deep alarm expressed by the Secretary-General at the opening of this session over the shrinking of civic space online.

3 Cases for Optimism at SwitchPoint and Beyond

By The Editorial Team,
IntraHealth International
March 07, 2019
Meet three of the wonder women who will rock the SwitchPoint stage next month. 

Helping women and non-binary communities gain access: Reflections from the Best Practice Forum on Gender and Access on the potential of alternative models of connectivity

In 2018, the BPF on Gender and Access analysed the potential of supplementary models of connectivity to bridge the gender digital divide.

Privacy, personhood and identity in surveillance societies

The increasing use of the internet, social media, surveillance and algorithmic processing has shifted the meanings of privacy.

Cultural rights for all: The UN must continue to support the mandate of the Special Rapporteur

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development and the Association for Progressive Communications delivered this statement during the Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on cultural rights during the 40th session of the Human

Four Women behind Tanzania’s Fight to End AIDS

By Carol Bales ,
Advocacy and policy communications manager, IntraHealth International
March 05, 2019
They're working to prevent HIV in two of the country’s hardest-to-reach areas.

HRC40: Oral statement on freedom of religion and expression online

The Association for Progressive Communications welcomes the report of the Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of religion or belief, which yet again emphasises the interrelatedness and mutually reinforcing nature of the rights to free

HRC40 side event: Defending expression and diversity of religion and belief or non-belief in the digital age

The Association for Progressive Communications, FORUM-ASIA and Humanists International invite you to a side event to discuss freedom of expression and diversity of religion and belief or non-belief in online spaces.
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