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Interview with Gbenga Sesan: “What is important in the digital rights campaign in Nigeria and beyond is ensuring that the connection between rights and people’s day-to-day experiences is made”

In this interview with AfriSIG organiser Koliwe Majama, Gbenga talks about policy making and leadership in Africa, and in particular, the lobbying for the Digital Rights Bill in Nigeria, in which his organisation, Paradigm Initiative, has pl

Free Ola Bini: APC and ARTICLE 19 support UN petitions against serious rights violation

The Association for Progressive Communications and ARTICLE 19 strongly support the statement issued by the different United Nations bodies against the unwarranted punishment of Ola and join the manifested expressions of deep concern at the g

Sir Tim versus Black Mirror

On a sunny summer morning in June, professor Jonathan Zittrain is hosting Sir Tim Berners-Lee in a Harvard Law School classroom.

APC at the SIF: Tackling the many forms of “denial of service” to keep the internet free, open and secure

At this year’s Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF), as in years past, the APC network was actively engaged, by organising, co-organising, speaking at and participating in sessions and workshops.

Global Survey Suggests Gender-Related Barriers Stifle the Leadership Potential of Nurses

June 06, 2019

Vancouver, Canada

 A new report brings together the voices of more than 2,500 nurses and nurse-m

Unwanted Witness: Demanding an inclusive internet legislative process that puts human rights at the centre

APC talked to Dorothy Mukasa, executive director of APC's newest member organisation, Uganda-based Unwanted Witness, about challenging internet shutdowns and other violations of human rights online in a country with high levels of corruption

What lies behind the fears of digital identity? The experience of the Huduma number in Kenya

The rollout of the Huduma number is taking place all over Kenya. This piece traces the experience of one young woman, Nyangi, as she tries to get a card, and more broadly the problems and hurdles posed by the system of digital identity.

UN First Committee Processes on Responsible State Behaviour in Cyberspace: An Explainer

In 2018, the First Committee established two parallel processes to discuss responsible state behaviour in cyberspace: the UN Group of Governmental Experts and the Open Ended Working Group.

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