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The shift from connecting people to connecting things: Why 5G will not reduce the digital divide

In a series of articles exploring the implications of 5G roll-out, Peter Bloom of Rhizomatica concludes that "the imperative to ensure everyone has the right to communicate and access information is being supplanted by this new drive to conn

Why is it good that Ethiopians are debating homosexuality?

In this last week there has been an uproar in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer people in Ethiopia, and also a backlash of online threats, harassment and violence.

Propping up patriarchy: Threats of the growing anti-gender movement

In numerous countries and at the international level, there is a vicious and concerted attempt to dilute the language around gender in policy and UN mechanisms, which targets any gains in gender equality and advocates exclusion of LGBTIQ peo

When the government shuts down the internet: Disco-tech event in Tunis

With the aim of exploring internet shutdowns in the African region, the event brought to light stories of the shutdowns’ effects on human rights at individual, national and regional levels, and shared strategies and techniques to avert or li

Design for Humanity Summit II: Design in the Time of Displacement

(New York, USA) The Design for Humanity Summit II: Design in the Time of Displacement at Fordham University is hosted by the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), to explore the intersect

How We Can Control Our Digital Identities

The New York City Technology Salon on “Will Digital Identities Support or Control Us” featured lead discussants Savita Bailur and Emrys Schoemaker from Caribou Digital and Aiden Slavin from ID2020. In general, Salon Participants noted the potential positives of digital ID, such as improved access to services, better service delivery, accountability, and better tracking of beneficiaries....

Making a feminist internet with the APC community in 2018: Raising awareness, strengthening networks and building capacity through workshops, research and advocacy

Worldwide, women are significantly less likely than men to access the internet, and once online, they face greater risks of violence, censorship and surveillance.

AI and Privacy: Challenges and ways forward in the Global South

(Tunis,Tunisia) The event will take place on Friday, 14 June during RightsCon. AI has been recognized as an enabler of the SDGs supporting States in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

AI for Social Good Workshop

(California, USA) The AI for Good workshop will take place during the 2019 International Conference for Machine Learning, taking place in Caliifornia.

Interview with Gbenga Sesan: “What is important in the digital rights campaign in Nigeria and beyond is ensuring that the connection between rights and people’s day-to-day experiences is made”

In this interview with AfriSIG organiser Koliwe Majama, Gbenga talks about policy making and leadership in Africa, and in particular, the lobbying for the Digital Rights Bill in Nigeria, in which his organisation, Paradigm Initiative, has pl

Free Ola Bini: APC and ARTICLE 19 support UN petitions against serious rights violation

The Association for Progressive Communications and ARTICLE 19 strongly support the statement issued by the different United Nations bodies against the unwarranted punishment of Ola and join the manifested expressions of deep concern at the g
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