SwiftRiver 101 Recap

Yesterday we held our very first SwiftRiver 101 which saw an audience of between fifty and sixty people descende upon the iHub to find out the basics of the SwiftRiver platform, as well as technical details like installation, core code and information about Swift APIs and the plugin framework. This included representatives from Google, Datadyne, NDI, Open Street Map and a number of other organizations.
Director/System Architect Jon Gosier and Lead Developer/Technical Architect Matthew Griffiths, lead the days presentations. Please videos below…
Presentation 1 – Platform Overview
An explanation of the whole SwiftRiver ecosystem by Jon Gosier.

SwiftRiver 101 Session 1 from Ushahidi on Vimeo.
Presentation 2 – Swift Web Services
Detailed explanations of the Swift Web Services: RiverID, SiLCC, SULSa, Reverberations, and SiCDS by Jon Gosier.

Technical Breakout Panel
Detailed explanations of SwiftRiver’s code, redundant data abstraction layers and API by Matthew Griffiths.

Update: Slides from the day. Platform Overview and Web Service Overview