Learn How Energy for Opportunity Builds Solar Power Installation Capacity in Sierra Leone


Solar power is a needed skill in electricity-starved West Africa. Yet there is also high unemployment. Energy For Opportunity is trying to solve both of these problems through its dedicated skills training activities, including University-based solar electricity courses.
The the video above, you can see how EFO teaches students through real-life implementations of small-scale solar projects in rural communities in Sierra Leone. The specific project in the documentary involved the installation of solar electricity at four sites: a school, a health clinic, a community centre and a hospital in the villages of Kamakwie and Kamalo.
Students from the local Government Technical Institute (GTI) and National Power Authority (NPA) were involved in this project as a part of the courses they take at their respect institutes, which EFO helps to facilitate.
If you find EFO as interesting and impactful as I do, then support them today!

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