University of Colorado

A state university of Colorado, University of Colorado at Boulder (CU-Boulder) opened in 1877 and has built programmes in the sciences, engineering, business, law, arts, humanities, education, music, and many other disciplines. CU-Boulder offers more than 3,400 courses each year in approximately 150 areas of study. There are 85 academic majors available at the bachelor's level, 70 at the master's level, and 50 at the doctoral level. Academic departments and programmes include astrophysical and planetary sciences, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, engineering, English, entrepreneurial business, geography, integrative physiology, law, music, physics, and psychology.
Alliance for Technology, Learning and Society (ATLAS) Institute is a campus-wide initiative in education, research, creative work, and outreach in which information and communication technology (ICT) is the enabling force. ATLAS programmes are designed to bring together students, educators, artists, writers, scholars, and leaders from the academy, industry, non-profits, and government to create a multidisciplinary environment that aims to contribute to the understanding of the interaction of ICT and human society and to the realisation of the full potential of that interaction. ATLAS works to teach students a new way to think about what is possible, and to use the computer as a tool to realise that vision. ATLAS teaches students not how to acquire information, but rather, how to select, evaluate, integrate, and synthesise information into usable knowledge.