Retaining Health Workers in Rural Kenya: What We Can Learn from Other Countries

This is an excerpt from an original post on the IntraHealth International blog. Achim ChiajiIn the northern arid lands and other remote parts of Kenya, the Capacity Kenya project has been working with the Ministry of Health to design simple packages to attract health workers and encourage them to stay. Starting with a selected list of diverse pilot sites, the project set out to design intervention packages, implement them, and systematically evaluate their impact on health worker retention over time.A couple of weeks ago I attended the Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health in Bangkok, which gave me a unique opportunity to learn about the struggles, successes, and constraints of other countries. As I listened to the experiences of others and what they see as best practices, I kept thinking about what new interventions might work best in the Kenyan context.

Author's name: 

Achim Chiaji

Publication Date: 

February 2011

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