We’re Moving to Git Issues!

We’re moving technical ticketing, bugs and feature requests to Git Issues using github. RedMine was a good Ushahidi Development (http://dev.ushahidi.com/) home, but Git Issues functionality meets our community needs to commit, plan, collect and comment.
Really, having technical tickets (issues, bugs, features and pull requests) and commits in the same place will help with the two big things: transparency and collaboration. We want to make it easier for you to see what we are working on, submit a ticket and lend a hand when you can. If you are busy creating great code, we’d like to know about it and be able to incorporate it into the core. Or, make it more visible for others to use your code for their Ushahidi-related projects. Git Issues is directly connected to our GitHub – Ushahidi. (E.g. Ushahidi core issues live under https://github.com/ushahidi/Ushahidi_Web/issues).
Migration Help and Schedule:
Our team has reviewed the Red Mine and have flagged issues to be migrated.
Please add a comment to any items that you think need to be migrated to Git Issues. We’ve added the document to our new beta wiki for your review. Every coders eyes will help us capture the active tickets/issues. Ping Hleson at ushahidi dot com if you have a questions.
Migration Schedule:

  • Community Feedback on Issues to be migrated: February 8 – 15, 2012
  • Migration Freeze on RedMine: Februay 15 – xxx
  • Ushahidi Community Developer Skype Chat (time to be announced) Wednesday, February. 15, 2012
  • Deprecate Redmine. February 29th, 2012
  • Team cleans out the Github store procuring all the sweet Github Octocat hoodies. March 1st, 2012

Getting Help:
Tool soup is confusing. Duplication is less fun than collecting Nyan Cat mash-ups. Here’s a cheat sheet:
Forums: “How do I….”, “I’m troubleshooting”, “General Support”
Wiki: “Where are the documentation, best practices” and “How do I…”. Bonus points: document and share your knowledge
GitIssues: “Houston, we have a problem.” “Nyan, Ushahidi would rock it if…” (Issue/bug/feature)
Github: Commit, Pull Changes, Fork
Contact: General questions (eg. Erik’s favourite ihub story, business endeavours, events, press etc.)
Steps to get help:
Technical Issues:

  1. Search the wiki or forums.
  2. Collaborate with the community skype or dev mailing list. (This is a real-time stream of global chatter)
  3. Search Git Issues for existing issues.
  4. Add a Git Issue: (bug or feature) request.

Non-Technical Issues:

  1. Search the wiki or forums.
  2. Add a forum post for questions.
  3. Share your knowledge on the wiki.
  4. Collaborate with the Channel for Academics, Researchers and Community Skype Chat or mailing lists.
  5. To ask general non-technical tickets, you can drop us a Contact note (http://ushahidi.com/contact-us).

We will review all Git issues weekly and assign priorities. The priorities could include assigning to a team member or requesting community help. More details as we get closer to launch.
To sum up: GitIssues, flag your tickets for migration, Octocat hoodies and Nyan Cat.