Mergers, Meetings and Hacks: Community Update

Offline Online Team - Italy

Ushahidi Mailing list Changes
We are merging mailing lists to have two instead of many:
[email protected]
[email protected]
The biggest change for this is with all the Ushahidi developer groups: Swiftriver, Mobile, designers and more. The main technical developer connection list is now – [email protected]. This gives all technical community members a chance to learn and engage across the various tools. We hope you will join us. To sign up, go to Send email to [email protected].
And, we have a new [email protected] mailing list for all things Ushahidi – how to deploy, community topics, best practices, map topics, developer topics (if you wish) and more. This will incorporate academic groups well. We aim to have deployers of all types and organizations to meet and talk. To sign up, go to [email protected].

The legacy mailing lists will be retired on May 4, 2012. We hope you will move to one of two lists.

Upcoming Ushahidi Community Developer Call
A one-hour audio discussion about the latest in Ushahidi development.
When: Monday, April 30 or Tuesday, May 1:
May 1: 00:00 UTC, 01:00 BST (UK), 02:00 CEST, 03:00 EEST, 09:00 Seoul, 12:00 (noon) Wellington
April 30: 20:00 EDT, 17:00 PDT
in other time zones
Topics: Ushahidi, swift, and Crowdmap development, hack days, special focus will be Mobile Development
Duration: One hour.
Where we need some help:
We’ll be writing more about localization woes later this week. We’d love a hand. Are you a translator? Do you have a technique or process you can share with us? Tips?
We are a small group and feeling the stretch. Our community has listed a large number of bugs and features. Can you help on some of these? How can we make it easier for you to be engaged?
There’s been a great buzz/fixing on the Ushahidi Community Skype Dev chat about WMS, Mapbox and new deployers. Thank you. We’re looking for some Open Layer muscle too.
Are you an Expression Engine junkie? We need some help with our website. Ping hleson At ushahidi dot com if you can contribute.
Feedback loops
We’re working to improve our feedback loops. The base layer of moving to Github Issues and with enhanced Wiki is a start. We’re grappling with how to sync forums and transparent rating feedback. What are your favourites?
Community Projects
The Community Offline/Online project, led by Francesco Ciriaci, participated in the International Space Apps Challenge. Thanks to Francesco, Michelangelo, Riccardo, Charl and Aaron for joining Robbie and I for the event. This project continues. See the project on the wiki and stay tuned for more updates.
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For more Ushahidi weekly details, see our wiki.