The Future We Want – Our Rio20

We’re honoured to announce this week’s Deployment of the Week: Our Rio20! Well done Manu and team for mapping over 3000+ tweets about #thefuturewewant! Here’s a guest blog post from him:
[Guest post by Manu Kabahizi, creator of OurRio20 map. As an entrepreneur, researcher and self-taught technologist, he is a partner and Director of Business Development for AxIS, a mobile and web application firm based in Kigali, Rwanda. ]

is covering has a broad reaching agenda for sustainability and development with themes as far reaching as Urbanization and Food Security to Energy and Green Economy yet there’s very little public participation. The work by “The Future We Want” and other organizations have been very internet focused with organizers of the summit encouraging use of social media. I have dared myself to think beyond myself and the people privileged with internet, and share voice with the majority of the affected humanity through inclusive of the +5.4 billion mobile phones. With few spared moments and lots of self-reflection, Our Rio+20 has captured, filtered and mapped 3,249 messages from hundreds of locations around the world in just three weeks. The messages are mostly tweets and I am setting up an SMS gateway for organizations and individuals to relay text messages to the site.
Our Rio+20 [Beta]
Ushahidi fits this initiative on many levels. Principally, it’s a technology for the people and this is a people problem. Additionally, it’s a crisis management tool and the state of our planet is in crisis whether you look at it from an environment perspective, or whether you look at it from a human development perspective. Rio+20 is a recognition that the state of our ecosystem is unsustainable, and we need to be crowd-sourced the solutions.
How to help Our Rio20 Project
Manu and his team need to scale to support their amazing project.

  • Join the team: Can you help them review tweets and add reports to the map? Email Manu directly: manu AT ourrio20 DOT com
  • Outreach: This project needs to be amplified. Share with your friends:Sample tweet: “What is the #thefutureyouwant, Add your ideas to the OurRio20 map. “

Thanks Manu and the OurRio20 team. You are inspiring.
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