World Humanitarian Day – August 19, 2012

Humanitarians honour the world daily with their tireless efforts. At Ushahidi, we have the privilege to know and collaborate with some of these amazing people. Thank you. Join us in thanks on World Humanitarian Day – Sunday, August 19th, 2012 by adding your voice:
i was here
The goal of I WAS HERE is to ping the globe with a large group hug aka Social Media push to amplify World Humanitarian Day via Facebook or Twitter. Here are the twitter hashtags to follow: #WHD2012 #IWASHERE
Why World Humanitarian Day
“Natural disasters, conflicts and other emergencies threaten the lives and health of millions of people every year. In the middle of such crises, thousands of dedicated humanitarian workers strive to care for those who have been affected and support local authorities to deliver assistance. On World Humanitarian Day, WHO and other international bodies are highlighting the roles performed by humanitarian workers, and remembering aid workers who have been killed or injured while performing their vital roles.” (From the WHO website)
The main goals of WHD are:

  • inspire the globe to learn about the humanitarian community, what aid workers do and the challenges they face;
  • demonstrate the great and important work that nongovernmental and international bodies and UN agencies do every day;
  • honour those who have died or been injured in the course of their humanitarian work.

To our friends and partners in the Humanitarian world: Thank you.