5 Things to get started on Ushahidi Project

You’ve landed here because you are interested in how to get started. Using Ushahidi or Crowdmap Classic requires a bit more than just creating a map with hope that folks will discover and use it. While a map project can range from tinkering/testing to a full blown project like, Uchaguzi – Kenyan Elections, there are a few key points that will help you get started:

(This video was recorded for the Transparency International (TI) community, but the message is for everyone.)
In the past weeks, we have been making major changes to our wiki to better serve you. A wiki really is a ‘toolkit’ to help folks get started and build successful projects from software. Some of the key pages on how to get started live in the “Ushahidi Toolkits” pages.
Still need another quick list to get started? A few years ago George Chamalas wrote “10 questions you should ask“.