Weekly: Build Harassmap, Kicking it with global translations

We live and map in a world of possibilities. With it comes a lot of responsibility, but huge potential to connect. Previously, I’ve written a bit about the “unusual suspects” and potential of global doers. I’m flush back from Info Activism Camp hosted by Tactical Tech Collective. Each time I attend a global event, I see borders dissolving and walk in wonderment at the amazing people who keep building those efforts. This is the true potential of community. What if, from the comfort of our desks, we could extend a helping hand to folks in Egypt or help others in multiple languages give voice to their projects?
Help Support the Harassmap Team’s project
While I don’t profess to understand the politics and lives in Egypt. I know the earnest and meticulous efforts of the Harassmap team to connect offline and online programming to cite harassment. Reports this week are terrible. The Harassmap Team needs your support to keep growing. They have teams by areas and train their community to help others throughout the region. On top of this effort in Egypt, the Harassmap team freely gives of their knowledge and time to help others who endeavour this complicated task around the world. They mentor and share best practices. There are 10 more days to lend a hand.

Lost in translation
In the past week, we’ve had a number of requests for language sets or individuals to contribute. Ushahidi uses Transifex to easily get our software into your language. We have a goal to increase localization support for many languages. Your translated words or phrases could lend a hand to someone working on a project around the world.
Examples of Language sets in progress:


How to join and help translate in any language.

This week Italian and Vietnamese sets could use a hand on each of our products.
Italian Translation help
Each of the software products has its own language set to be translated. This is an example of the current state of Ushahidi in Italian:
Italian on Crowdmap is at 40% complete.
Android is at 66% complete.
Italian on Ushahidi Web is at 97% complete.
SMSSync is at 96%
Ios for Italian is 100% complete.
Deployment of the Week
We recognize Chile Movilizado as Deployment of the Week. They had a bigger campaign in June, but continue to map education rights.
Chile Movilizado
Into the code
This week the Ushahidi v3 team was locked up in the beautiful London Mozilla offices to co-work and knock out some code. We’ll have more updates from the team soon.
Photo of: Robbie, Seth, Linda and Jep.