Worldreader Kits: eBooks in a Box for Hungry Young Minds

Worldreader is one of my favorite organizations. They truly understand the needs of teachers and students in schools across Africa and work hard to bring relevant, engaging, and local content to students in the form of ebooks on Amazon Kindles.
But don’t think they’re just sending a set of Americentric novels. In addition to Western and North American reference material, Worldreader has Ghanaian and Kenyan storybooks, readers and novels across all age ranges; Ghanaian textbooks from primary to senior high school; and texts, storybooks and readers in Twi, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Kikuyu, Dhoulo. Check out their library here.
And don’t think you have to wait in vain for Worldreader to come to your favorite school or library. With the launch of Worldreader Kits, you can bring the power of reading to children you care about today.
Worldreader Kits contains e-readers for up to three classrooms loaded with local and international e-books, ruggedized cases, and lights. I’m really happy to see that Worldreader Kits also include comprehensive training program, manuals, quick start guide, launch planning tool, student reward kit, and community outreach guide to help local schools implement Worldreader programs anywhere. That’s a bargain for $10,000!
Don’t take my word for it. Watch their uplifting video and order your Kit now.