Weekly: Reevo Maps, Micromappers and Cameroon Election Help!

Deployment of the week
This week, we recognise the efforts of the Reevo team to build a virtual platform that reflects diverse and multiple alternative education initiatives worldwide.
Cameroon Elections Help?
We recently highlighted the work one of our community members, Jean Brice is doing around the Cameroon Elections, slated for September 30th, 2013. It’s now 10 days to the elections, and his team needs help to process incoming information, manage the tech and train other volunteers for their election map. Interested in volunteering? Contact  jeanbrice AT kick-corruption DOT org or fill out this form.
In the news
The good folks at QCRI recently launched Micromappers: a set of microtasking apps specifically customized for digital humanitarian response. More on Micromappers can be found here.

Into the Code
We’re all set for Upgrade Day!
Upgrade day 2.7.1
The 4th community wide Upgrade day is set for September 25th – 26th 2013, to help you get your deployment running on an older version of Ushahidi up to date with the Bamako bug fix release. If you’re running on an older version of Ushahidi and need help getting upgraded, sign up on this schedule. Join us on Skype or IRC, and our team and members of the community will lend you a hand :)
Android/Java SDK
The New Crowdmap offers extensive APIs for creating location aware applications. We’ve created an Android /Java SDK for all our Android and Java fan boys and girls. With this you can create a location aware application on top of the API without worrying about creating your own web service. Read more about the project and review our sample Android apps built on the SDK here. Feel free to test and send us your feedback via our github issues page.
Happy weekend, and May the force be with you, folks!