2-tier crowdsourcing for disaster information collection and co-ordination

Slayer aka Kuo-Yu Chuang is a founder of GeoThings, the chair of the OGC Open Geo SMS Standard Working Group, and is also from Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). He is also an Ushahidi trusted developer and long standing member of the Ushahidi community.
Slayer made an ignite talk at the 5th Annual Crisis mapper’s conference(ICCM), held in Nairobi last November, with a focus on his work at GeoThings. GeoThings employs a 2-tiered approach to crowdsourcing for disaster information collection and co-ordination. Here’s a video of his presentation below.

Crowdsourced information can be classified into two types of data: trusted and unverified. GeoThings seeks to increase the level of trusted information by partnering with different NGOs in Taiwan and using the Ushahidi platform as a coordination mechanism for these NGOs to easily share information with each other.
You can find slides from Slayer’s presentation(among other ignite talk presentations) on Slideshare and on the Crisismappers Youtube feed.