Status Update regarding Ushahidi Deployments for Nepal

As online volunteers mobilize and international aid begins to flow in response to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal, we have been reviewing known deployments of our software in the country. As an organization, Ushahidi is not currently managing a deployment of our software and we have no plans to do this. We are, however, doing our best to monitor how our software is being used. We offer below an update on the status of two highly visible and locally-run deployments related to Nepal in an effort to promote coordination among, and understanding of, these different deployments.
Active, Locally-Run, Deployments
Deployment: Nepal Earthquakes 2015

Deployment: Nepal Monitor

Help us keep this information up-to-date: please use the comment section, below, to provide any updates, additions, or edits that should be made to this page. Any additional deployers should provide a link to their deployment, organizational affiliation, and contact information. Again, we ask potential deployers to first support these deployments or coordinate with them to avoid duplication.
Could you help translate the platform into Nepalese?
We could use some help getting the Ushahidi v2.x platform translated into Nepalese.

You can also volunteer with Translators without borders, who are also coordination translation efforts as well. Volunteer sign-up is available through their website. For further inquiries Email [email protected]. Follow them on Twitter @TranslatorsWB.
We HIGHLY encourage potential Ushahidi deployers to first connect with these, existing, deployments to avoid duplication and to coordinate with the known online volunteer projects listed on our blog.
These projects are well organized and provide a variety of ways to help. Be aware that intermittent power, stable Internet access, or human bandwidth may limit response times for local deployers.