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The rapid growth in processing power and global connectivity means we can now quickly collect, share and analyze enormous amounts of data to reveal new ways to reduce hunger and poverty and develop robust responses to climate change, disease, and land degradation challenges.
The CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture seeks approaches that show the power of big data analytics and digital technologies to push the limits of the possible in research, transform how we do business, and drive impact in four broad challenge areas:

  • Revealing Food Systems
  • Monitoring Pests and Diseases
  • Disrupting Impact Assessment
  • Empowering Data-Driven Farming

We are challenging partners, universities, and others to use our data to create incentivized pilot opportunities that scale. We’re looking for novel approaches that democratize these data-driven insights to inform local, national, regional, and global policies on agriculture and food security in real time; helping people – especially smallholder farmers – to lead happier and healthier lives.
The Prize
Five winning teams will receive $100,000 each to put their ideas into practice. Teams will have 12 months to implement small-scale proof of concept pilots to demonstrate viability. Successful pilots will be placed on the trajectory to wide scale implementation, including the possibility of receiving an additional $250,000 of annual funding to facilitate scaling.
Successful pilots will also have additional help in finding continued funding and widespread adoption within CGIAR, to ensure that these innovations become a part of how we operate system-wide.
Apply today! Submissions must be jointly prepared and submitted by a CGIAR center and a non-CGIAR partner. Deadline: September 8th .