The Definitive Guide to Mobile Data Collection in International Development

mobile data collection guide 200w" sizes=" 640px) 100vw, 640px" data-recalc-dims="1" /> Are you mobile data collection curious? Do you have colleagues who always ask you how to collect qualitative and quantitative data using mobile devices? Or do you want to convince your country teams to finally give up paper? Awesome!Please send them to Dimagi’s new Mobile Data Collection Guide, which has everything you need to know about moving to mobile data collection.Most importantly, we need to treat mobile data collection the same as any other data collection program. That means to follow the whole process of understanding your program objectives, defining your data needs, and identifying and implementing a data collection solution that works for you.The guide covers these key topics with quick and informative insights:

  1. What are your project objectives? Understand how to organize clear project objectives to focus your application.
  2. What is your data collection process? Learn how to outline your current data collection process to help translate it to digital.
  3. What are your data requirements? Organize all the data you need to collect and uncover new variables your program can track on mobile.
  4. How to choose the right mobile data collection solution: Learn about the different features that mobile data collection tools offer and how to decipher what you need from what you don’t.
  5. How to establish data collection standards: Understand and establish your own process for collecting cleaner data.
  6. How to design and test your mobile data collection solution: Advice and considerations for everything from prototyping to user acceptance testing.
  7. How to implement your mobile data collection program and train your team: Learn how to choose the right device for your program and get some tips on training with some helpful techniques.
  8. How to sustain your mobile data collection program: Understand how what you do during the development stage of your program will help prepare you for scaling and long-term growth.

Oh, and Dimagi did all of us a big favor and intentionally made this a pretty generic guide, not a marketing gimmick. The only major references to CommCare are in examples of specific features, so you can forward this on to your peers without looking like you’re promoting a specific solution.More mobile data collection resourcesDo you want more mobile data collection guidance and support? Then check out these other ICTworks posts on data collection and analysis using mobile devices:

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