Mapping Swarm this Weekend

Any mapping gurus want to look at a document I'm creating that rates all the different GIS products?
I've been trying to fill in the objective criteria myself like whether they're publicly editable, open source, cost structure, APIs, dynamic vs. static, etc. I don't have enough experience with them to list pros and cons though...
Tag someone you know that has opinions! This is your chance to be heard about software you've struggled or triumphed with!

If you don't feel like editing, you can just say your opinions here!

Also, if you're available, we're rallying the community to help with fire response this week! RSVP now: and join us on Devpost if you want to be part of a project team.
We need experienced disaster relief workers, first responders, builders, community organizers, developers, engineers, designers, hackers, and funders! You can donate through the Eventbrite Link.
Get involved in building out long term public resource mapping solutions this December in the Bay the 1st and 2nd, and with locals from Butte County the 14th-17th where we'll be working on remediation, rebuilding and recovery challenges outside Paradise, CA. More details on the hackathon can be found at