School Gardens and Peer Educators Improve Nutrition in Rural Tajikistan

By Khosiyatkhon Komilova,
Communications specialist
February 13, 2019
These students are learning about soil management, crop rotation, safe drinking water, and much more.
As part of their vocational training, high school students in rural southwestern Tajikistan usually work in the school garden. This year, however, students learned more than how to grow vegetables and take care of fruit trees: they learned about the basics of nutrition and are now sharing that information with their classmates.
Along with topics like soil management and crop rotation, now students also learn about safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, and even household budget management.
With the help of theĀ Feed the Future Tajikistan Health and Nutrition Activity, which is led by IntraHealth International, 30 students and 10 of their teachers now teach other students about the importance of nutrient-rich foods, underscoring the importance of the school garden for their health and nutrition.