Where Are the Solution Design Conflicts in ICT4D Project Development?

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The solution design process is critical to the success of an ICT4D project, yet surprisingly little is known about collaboration between stakeholders and developers during this important stage.
In fact, there are often great misunderstandings between technology developers, project implementers, and intervention constituents, ultimately leading to ICT4D project failures. For example:

  • Technologists and social scientists often have different, even conflicting perspectives on innovation and development (e.g. economic benefit vs human empowerment).
  • Stakeholders funding the development of digital solutions are not the ones creating it, while those developing the solutions are not the ones using it.
  • Stakeholders lacking in technical expertise have reported difficulties in collaborating with technology developers.

At the same time, digital development is only possible in the context of transdisciplinary collaboration, where stakeholders with diverse backgrounds need to align their goals to increase the chance that projects become fruitful.
Share Your ICT4D Design Conflicts
While conflict in collaboration is a known and prevalent issue, there is a need for a deeper  grasp of where and why misunderstandings arise, particularly in the design stage of ICT4D projects.
Hence, my study, which is investigating how practitioners from varying fields and roles, such as technology designers, software developers, academic researchers, project implementers, donors, and intervention stakeholders view the design process.
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For my master’s thesis project I am looking for your input in my Delphi study to find out where there is agreement and disagreement concerning 10 key design principles in ICT4D projects.
Bonus! This Delphi study will give you insight into the opinions of other ICT4D experts.
The data will be used to assess the problematic key principles that are applied in the design phase of ICT4D projects. I’ll develop recommendations and a more specific research agenda on transdisciplinary collaboration in ICT4D.
Your input is extremely valuable for this study.
By Stephen Smith, MSc Development and Rural Innovation student at Wageningen University
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